Monsanto Motions to Dismiss Family Farmers

In response to a motion filed by Monsanto in mid-July to have the case, OSGATA et al. v.Monsanto, dismissed, the plaintiffs filed a brief in federal court on August 11, 2022 defending their right to seek legal protection from the threat of being sued for patent infringement.

In support of the plantiffs’ right to bring the case, 12 agricultural organizations also filed a friend-of-the-court amici brief. In their brief, the amici describe some of the harmful effects of genetically modified seed and how easily GMOs can contaminate an organic or conventional farmer’s land.

“Rather than give a straight forward answer on whether they would sue our clients for patent infringement if they are ever contaminated by Monsanto’s transgenic seed, Monsanto has instead chosen to try to deny our clients the right to receive legal protection from the courts,” said Dan Ravicher, PUBPAT’s Executive Director. “Today’s filings include sworn statements by several of the plaintiffs themselves explaining to the court how the risk of contamination by transgenic seed is real and why they cannot trust Monsanto to not use an occurrence of contamination as a basis to accuse them of patent infringement.”

Monsanto has stated that they would not sue farmers who were “inadvertently” contaminated or farmers whose crops contain “trace amounts” of GMO, however they have refused to sign a simple covenant not to sue, that would bring an effective end to the lawsuit.

Read the full press release. For additional information, click here.

  1. They should be suing Monsanto for contaminating their crops. It’s a form of pollution.

    • I’ve read about this for years now. One article said only about 1/4 of the famnirg family wants to get into famnirg, the others want to go to college and get a good paying job in the city. Sometimes, after they are older, they may move back to the farm (if it hasn’t been sold off to sub-dividers)but they don’t want to farm, just retire there.Another article wrote, that the USA is now importing food from as far away as Austrailia. What? How can they grow food products, ship them here to the USA and sell them cheaper than locally grown food products?I see greedy real estate people, builders and shopping center companies (and don’t forget the Chinese government and the Saudi Arabia government) buying up Usa farmlands and USA ranchlands, so they can cover everything with houses and shopping centers. Where I live, there are shopping centers that have no stores for years. The owners don’t care as it is a tax write off. And usuall they want way too much for rent for a small business owner to rent it.also, many millionaire sports figures, movie stars, race car drivers, golf pros, millionaires, foreign politicians, they all want a place in the country and will pay over what the farmland is worth just so they can own it!

  2. “They should be suing Monsanto for contaminating their crops. It’s a form of pollution.”

    In a similar vein, we should not have to eat their crap. I can (and do pay extra and) make the effort to eat ‘organically’ produced foods. These companies have invaded our food sources right down to our own gardens. We eaters should be compensated for this undesirable exposure. In a reasonable society, we would be able to prevent it. Here and now, not only are we are forced to pay a premium if we choose to avoid GMOs, and still we are exposed.

    • In my limited unndrstadeing, there are at least 2 separate issues here. First, there’s the SPREADING of GM seeds. And second, there’s the PATENTING of GM seeds. Sometimes, to address complicated situations, it helps to break them down a bit to get a better grasp of what’s going on and get clarity as to a strategic response. If we could successfully established in court the destructive impacts of even just one of these 2 issues, it might give us an entry point to then gain a stronger legal position on other aspects of this case. Of course, there’s also the underlying issue of the government enabling the whole situation, which is a typical example of predatory economics . But that issue may be more challenging to address in court, at least at the beginning.

      • Personally, I don’t understand why oringac farmers cannot sue Monsanto if their crops become contaminated by Monsanto genetically modified seeds. Shouldn’t the onus be on Monsanto to create buffer zones etc, so that their genetically modified products cannot leave their property line. I agree that Monsanto has no right to sue oringac farmers, but neither do they have the right to pollute the environment with their genetically engineered nightmares.stephen

        • Wow, that was powerful watncihg! Some incredible points in there. I’m stunned that they patented a gene linked to breast cancer and won’t let other researchers access it without paying for the ‘privelege’. It really is madness.And the Terminator gene- plants that won’t regenerate. Not to mention the development of seeds that will only germinate if you buy their chemicals as well! Monsanto incriminate themselves- in their own words, they are in the business of selling as much seed as possible, not in making sure its safe- that’s the FDA’s job. Meanwhile they infiltrate all levels of the relevant authorities, right up to whichever Administration is at the helm.By the way, nice answer to Anonymous, Julie.

        • Hi Julie,I don’t think I have left a comment beofre. I want to say thank you for the links on this post. I have signed the petition.I have listened to parts 1-3 of The future of Food, but as it is late I will come back to the rest. I have read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver a wonderful book.Here’s to all the Farmers of the world, may they farm in peace!from Jenny McH

      • In Finland, we have major left wing political party, SDP Social Democratic Party, which had even dnurig 90 s slogan Kill one farmer per day because they so much wanted to stop local Finnish farming. Reason for their behaviour was agricultural subsidies. They still believe that when no farmers in Finland, no subsidies, and so proletariate can buy very cheap food from Greece, Russia or China. Ridiculous? Yes, because now young people don’t want to become farmers, because it’s not good job . If you can not believe my story, just use google tapa talonpoika pe4ive4sse4 which means word by word kill farmer per day . You can find thousands of results, and most of them people ask why?

    • Farmer John technically is a famrer only if he owns his own,cows farmhouse,chicken coop,windmill, corncrib, outhouse,garden and tractor. Those that fit that catagory are few and far between. Corporate Charle , The ,Farm Manager, with a degree in business management and a hired staff of city folk and misc. migrants,with faxes,bankers on his golf foresome, etc, wouldn’t know good food if he fell over it. His corporate masters have made him boss man of a revised plantation system of megaculture.I hope true famrers will be around to teach the needed skills of working the land, not just sucking blood from it if/when the metro culture hits a titanic iceberg.

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