Organic Seed Growers Conference 2012: Selected Live Broadcasts

Did You Miss the 2012 Organic Seed Growers Conference?

Organic Seed Alliance and eOrganic bring you selected recordings from the 2012 Organic Seed Growers Conference held in Port Townsend, WA, on January 19 – 21, 2012. The conference brought together hundreds of farmers, seed production and distribution companies, researchers, plant breeders, pathologists, and university extension in two days of informative presentations, panel discussions, and networking events. The recordings cover the organic plant breeding track of the conference, including:

  1. I am 100% FOR stopping Monsanto from doing any more damgae to our planet, our food supply and to me. It is ironic that the Roundup is Monsanto’s #1 product, yet they produce seeds that are interacting with it in such a way that we get MORE chemicals in our food supply. This giant, evil Monsanto must be stopped! Good luck with the lawsuit, and I am rooting for the organic farmer, and the old’ way of life- where we get our food just like my grandparents did- fresh, natural, healthy

    • I concur with Tom Jessen, Facebook could be a wonrudfel vehicle for support on multiple levels.I am proud to give to this organization for the work it is doing within the organic sustainable farming movement and its fight against Monsanto, the most corrupt, unethical, destructive corporation around. This is a fight for all of us and we thank you. We thank you for taking on Goliath and pray that you will be victorious for all our sakes.

      • Yrs. ago I caught a proragm on PBS called square foot gardening , the gentleman who hosted the show was also the author of several square foot gardening books . I have found them in several libraries across the states . They have an abundance of info on raised beds . It’s the only way I garden now and I have plenty of room to go out not up but you can’t beat the ease of raised beds

      • You’ve got to consider the types of food you are etanig. Organic junk food is still junk food!There have been studies done that prove that there are more nutrients vitamins and minerals in organic food (although I can’t remember the links).Pesticides and fungicides which are sprayed on to foods are highly toxic if they are designed to kill insects (life) then they are also going to be harmful to humans.But to be healthy you need to look at your whole diet eat as much fresh raw fruits and vegetables as you can and limit processed foods.

    • Thank you so much for taking this on. I’ll be supnrotipg you as best I can. We need to get the word out. I’m too old at 68 to be interested in Facebook but I think that’s a great idea. How about pulling in groups like, , and businesses like I’m sure there are better suggestions but let us help get the word out.Thank you, bless you.Ellie

      • What about how promoters of orgainc farms say it doesn’t cost more for farmers to switch to orgainc? What you are talking about is part of the problem for sure, but these goods would be more expensive even if inflation were not out of control. These items are treated, priced, and marketed as luxury items. Until that changes, the majority of us are going to continue to eat and drink Monsanto. There has GOT to be an orgainc food company who is going to get it , reduce its profit margins and go toe to toe with the non-orgainc producers and therefore undercut all the luxury item orgainc producers.

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