Seed Solution Models for a New Agricultural Paradigm

Ira Wallace, of SESE, with an heirloom squash.






Stephen Thomas’s “Fixing Food: Seed Solution Models for a New Agricultural Paradigm“-recently published in Acres USA– discusses the importance of regional small-scale organic seed in overhauling the industrial agriculture system.

Cited seed solutions include the work of several OSGATA members, including Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, the Family Farmers Seed Cooperative, and Organic Seed Alliance– as well as other pioneers in the field.

Thomas writes,

 “A new age of food consciousness is dawning. But despite these promising trends, a glaring contradiction exists: by and large, the seeds the farmers are dependent on come from industrial sources.

 The scenario isn’t pretty. Led by the agribusiness giant Monsanto, just three corporations hold sway over 53 percent of the global seed market, proliferating genetically identical varieties bred for massive monoculture farming. Lacking options, small farmers are often forced to buy seed grown overseas in places like China in a “one-size-fits all” disregard for regional adaptation. It doesn’t take a Rodale scientist to see that something is seriously wrong here.

As long as this consolidated, globalized, and ecologically disastrous model of seed production continues, all of our admirable efforts toward a sustainable food system are moot.”


Read on for inspiring examples of how farmers and organizations are reclaiming our seed- from cooperative business models to grassroots educational campaigns. The full article, courtesy of Acres USA,  is available here.


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