Stricter Regulations for Biotech

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are supposed to jointly regulate GE plants and animals, but the present regulation of biotechnology does not adequately protect farmers, the general public, and the environment from the potential adverse effects of GE crops.

Voluntary guidelines must be replaced with mandatory regulations and oversight, including independent safety and risk assessments and liability standards.



OSGATA made the following recommendations to FDA:

1. Mandate Safety Testing.

Regulation of biotechnology must include rigorous and fully transparent testing to analyze the long-term safety risks of all potential GE releases. Thorough and independent pre-commercialization analysis of all GE crops should fully consider potential impact on agricultural systems, the environment, and public health. This information should be available to the public. 

2. Hold Biotech Accountable.

The responsibility for prevention of contamination from GE seeds and crops lies with the patent holder. The GE manufacturer needs to be held responsible for all resulting GE contamination associated with their patented GE material−regardless of the expiration terms of their patents. They also should be held financially responsible for related testing costs.

3. Require Mandatory Labeling on GE Food.

Honesty in food labeling and transparency must be enacted in a free market. Mandatory labeling should be required for all GE foods.

4. Enact a Moratorium on New GE Releases.

Until the steps described here are fulfilled and implemented, a moratorium on the approval, commercialization, and release of any new GE crops is critical. Recent publicized events involving contamination from unregulated GE wheat in Oregon and Montana demonstrate that present regulation is not adequate.


Read OSGATA’s full comments to the FDA here.


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