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The 34th National Pesticide Forum


The 34th National Pesticide Forum will be convening on April 15-16, at the University of Southern Maine, in Portland, ME. The Forum is an opportunity for grassroots advocates, scientists, and policy makers to  build local, state, and national strategies to protect human health and the environment, as well as organic land management strategies. The event […]

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Protect Your Seed from GE Contamination


Since the genetically engineered Flavr Savr tomato was first approved for the American marketplace in 2004, GE crops have grown to become part of the agricultural mainstream. Plantings of GE crops in the U.S., measured in acres, increased by 68% between 2000 and 2005 and climbed another 45% between 2005 and 2013. In 2013, American farmers planted […]

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Colorado’s Boulder County Initiates Phase-Out of GE Crops

corn field

On March 17, 2016,  Boulder County’s Board of County Commissioners ordered a draft plan for the phase-out of GE crops on publically owned farmlands. The current directive allowing select GE crops to be planted on public land will remain in effect until the end of the year, with the phase-out anticipated to span three-to-seven years. Since 2011, Colorado’s […]

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Monsanto’s Bid to Acquire Syngenta Raises Antitrust Concerns


What will the seed and biotechnology industries look like if agribusiness giant Monsanto acquires the world’s largest supplier of pesticides? The Diane Rehm Show explores the possible Monsanto-Syngenta merger in hosting three guests: Alan Bjerga, an agricultural policy and commodities reporter for Bloomberg News; Scott Partridge, Monsanto’s vice president of […]

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OSGATA Comments on Coexistence


Organic seed is the most critical link to producing bona fide organic products. Contamination of organic seed by genetically engineered (GE) traits, not only compromises the livelihoods of seed growers and the viability of all organic farmers, but also the credibility of the USDA’s organic label in the eyes of […]

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New Survey to Assess State of Organic Seed


OSGATA member Organic Seed Alliance recently announced their 2014 survey to assess the challenges and opportunities facing organic seed. Conducted every five years as part of an ongoing “State of Organic Seed” project, this national survey  monitors organic seed availability and use, challenges in sourcing organic seed, and organic plant […]

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Special Earth Day Screening of Open Sesame

open sesame

  A special screening of Open Sesame- The Story of Seeds, is showing Tuesday, April 22, at 7:30pm at Union Square Stadium Theater in New York City. This Earth Day event features an informal seed swap and a Q&A with OSGATA President and Maine organic seed farmer Jim Gerritsen, Ken Greene from […]

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Farmers vs. Monsanto: Family Farmers File Brief in Final Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court

Jim Gerritsen, OSGATA President

The Public Patent Foundation  recently filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in the landmark case, Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association et al v. Monsanto, in the hopes that the court would hear and reinstate the case of 73 American organic and conventional family farmers, seed businesses and […]

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Why Help OSGATA?

Calendula Seed

Why Help OSGATA? Because Organic Begins with Seed. The Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) is the one national membership organization run by organic farmers and dedicated to protecting organic seed− and therefore your right of access to good organic food. Help us continue our important seed work by […]

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Saving Seed

Fruition Seeds Co-Owners

By The Cornucopia Institute, In the blink of the past 50 years, chemical corporations have come to control over 50% of the global seed supply. It’s a sharp departure from human history: farmers and individuals had saved local seeds for 14,000 years. “There is a global systemic crisis in how […]

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The Post GMO Economy

postgmosilo- Modern Farmer

“The Post GMO Economy,” written by Elizabeth Royte and recently published in Modern Farmer, tells the tale of a paradigm shift from conventional farming to the widespread adoption of genetically engineered (GE) seeds and back again. Chris Huegerich, inherited the family calling in stewarding 2,800 acres of farmland in central Iowa. Huegerich’s […]

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Video Footage of OSGATA President on GE Foods Now Available

OSGATA President

OSGATA President and Maine organic farmer Jim Gerritsen recently spoke about the landmark OSGATA et al. v. Monsanto lawsuit, as well as Maine’s GMO Labeling bill, as part of the University of Maine at Machias’s Food and Community lecture series. A video [1:31:12] of the November 13, 2013, panel discussion on […]

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New Report Documents Transgene Escape

floriani flint

A new report, Transgene Escape: Global atlas of uncontrolled spread of genetically engineered plants, was released in November 2013 by Testbiotech (Institute for Independent Impact Assessment in Biotechnology). This comprehensive resource provides a general overview of the spread of genetically engineered (GE) plants while outlining the properties of transgenic plants […]

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OSGATA President Speaks About Geneticall​y Engineered Food in Downeast Maine

Jim Gerritsen, OSGATA President

OSGATA President and Maine organic farmer Jim Gerritsen  will speak this Wednesday, November 13, at the University of Maine at Machias, in a panel session exploring the topics of genetically-engineered crops and food. Part of the discussion will focus on the landmark OSGATA et al v. Monsanto lawsuit, which challenges Monsanto’s genetically engineered […]

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Stop SB 633: Oregon’s Monsanto Protection Act

Stop Oregon's Monsanto Protection Act!

  Please add your voice to support Oregon family farmers from a poorly written seed preemption bill, SB 633 – which is being called Oregon’s Monsanto Protection Act. A Special Session will be held in the Oregon Legislature today (September 26 at 2:30 pm PST) and if SB 633 passes it […]

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American Farmers Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court

OSGATA President, Jim Gerritsen

On September 5, 2013, a group of 73 American organic and conventional family farmers, seed businesses and public advocacy groups asked the U.S. Supreme Court today to hear their case, known as OSGATA et al. v. Monsanto. The case challenges Monsanto’s patents on genetically engineered seed. It also acts to preemptively to protect the plaintiff-farmers from […]

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Justice Begins With Seeds

OSGATA President

Unable to attend the Justice Begins With Seeds Conference in Seattle, OSGATA President and organic seed farmer Jim Gerritsen wrote a letter which was read to conference participants. In it, Gerritsen discusses the recent ruling in the OSGATA et al. v. Monsanto lawsuit and its implications for American farmers. Gerritsen […]

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OSGATA President Interviewed : Family Farmers vs. Monsanto

Jim Gerritsen, OSGATA President

Filmmaker Mathieu Asselin recently interviewed OSGATA President Jim Gerritsen at his organic Wood Prairie Farm in Bridgewater, Maine. The brief video interview [5:50] splices excellent footage of organic seed potato planting with Gerritsen’s commentary on the landmark lawsuit, OSGATA et al. v. Monsanto. Commercial introduction of genetically engineered (GE) crops, commonly referred to as GMOs, in 1996 […]

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Genetically Engineered Wheat Found in Oregon Fields

Wheat Berries

By Anna Mueller, Guest Blogger   Genetically engineered (GE) wheat was recently discovered in an Oregon field despite the fact that all GE wheat trials ended in 2005. According to NPR, this particular type of wheat- which was engineered to resist the herbicide glyphosate (aka “Roundup Ready”)- was never approved for commercial planting.     One Oregon wheat farmer found the strain […]

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OSGATA President Presents at Slow Money National Gathering

Slow Money

  The upcoming Slow Money 4th National Gathering includes a plenary session on OSGATA et al. v. Monsanto. OSGATA President and Maine organic seed farmer Jim Gerritsen will deliver his special address on family farmers seeking justice at the Boulder Theater, in Boulder, CO, on April 29. Slow Money is a national network, which includes local chapters, organized around a […]

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