Organic Seed Companies + Organic Farms

Adaptive Seeds
Adaptive Seeds: Established in 2009, and based out of Open Oak Farm in Sweet Home, Oregon, Adaptive Seeds is committed to stewarding and disseminating rare, diverse, and resilient seed varieties for ecologically-minded farmers, gardeners and seed savers. They specialize in organic seed adapted to the Pacific Northwest, and other short season northern climates, and all seed varieties exist within the public domain.

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Afternoon Zephyr Farm: Located near the Rogue River in Oregon, Kent and Hueylee Knock specialize in healthy soils and specialty seed garlic, which is sold via an “online farmers’ market” at Gourmet Garlic Gardens.

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Batalden Farms: Located on the prairies of Southern Minnesota, Batalden Farms is a fifth generation farm that produces certified organic seeds. They specialize in cover crop radish seed, and also contract grow camelina, phacelia, and field pennycress seed. They are always open to trying new seeds.

Beau Chemin Preservation Farm
Beau Chemin Preservation Farm: Located in Waldoboro, Maine, Beau Chemin Preservation Farm is a certified organic farm focused on preserving several breeds of endangered sheep, ducks, and draft animals. Farm products include organic produce, flowers, and pick-your-own berries and grapes.

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Billy’s Gardens: Located in Northeastern Washington, Billy’s Gardens offers high-quality organic produce. Their offerings include: tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, basil and other bunched herbs, summer squash, winter squash, peaches, cherries, apricots, rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and melons.

Blackbird Rise
Blackbird Rise: Located in Palermo, Maine, Blackbird Rise is a certified organic family farm producing a wide array of crops including seeds, grain, nursery stock, herbs, fruit and vegetables. Seed crops include tulsi, sunflowers, poppies, tomatoes, and grains.

Botanical Interests
Botanical Interests: This family-owned, Colorado-based seed company was founded on the basis that gardeners didn’t have access to informative seed packets. Since 1995 they have been supplying gardeners with high quality seed in beautiful and informative seed packets−which now includes a large selection of organic flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Bountiful Gardens
Bountiful Gardens: Bountiful Gardens is a non-profit organization and project of Ecology Action of the Mid-Peninsula, located in Willits, CA. They sell untreated open-pollinated heirloom seeds for vegetables, herbs, flowers, grains, cover crops, green manures, and compost and carbon crops. They also offer books and videos addressing biointensive practices for growing soil sustainably using “mini-farming” techniques like double-digging, intensive spacing, and companion planting.

Canyon Bounty Farm
Canyon Bounty Farm: Farmer Beth Rasgorshek produces organic seeds and nursery crops on her small farm in Nampa, Idaho. She specializes in beans, edamamae soybeans, lettuce, peppers, onions, leeks, flowers, watermelons, musk melons and herbs, and also works on cleaning up varieties.

Common Wealth Seed Growers
Common Wealth Seed Growers: Seed growers focused on creating and growing a vibrant regional seed system in the mid-Atlantic and Southeast. Common Wealth Seed Growers sell regionally-adapted, open-pollinated, organic seeds for a limited number of great varieties. They produce all the seeds they sell, and only sell what grows well in their region. They specialize in ‘Downy Mildew’ resistant cucurbit seed stocks.

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Ernie’s Organics : Fred and Judy Brossy have been farming organically in Shoshone, ID, since 1996. They cultivate 300 acres of wheat, beans, potatoes, and hay. Ernie’s Organics also produces organic seed crops, with a focus on bean seed.

Family Farmers Seed Cooperative
Family Farmers Seed Cooperative (FFSC): A nationally-oriented, Oregon-based, farmer-owned cooperative that produces high quality, organic, open-pollinated, public domain seeds for farmers. Their mission is to change our food system to be reliant on ecologically-based, diverse, local and regional farms and gardens by focusing on improving and expanding the seed supply in two key ways− through high quality organic seed production and breeding of open-pollinated cultivars for organic seed systems.

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Farm Direct Organic Seed & Hobbs Family Farm: Located in Avodale, Colorado, Hobbs Family Farm produces open-pollinated vegetable seeds and seed garlic for market growers and home gardeners. Their farmer-friendly varieties are suited to organic systems; the selection is further refined by drought hardiness, storage potential and specialty markets.

Fedco Seeds
Fedco Seeds: Founded in 1978 by CR Lawn, this Maine-based cooperative specializes in cold-hardy selections and offers an impressive listing of organic varieties and regional heirlooms annually. Their seed sources include small seed growers, including Fedco staff and other OSGATA members.

Floret Flowers
Floret Flowers: Nestled in Washington’s Skagit Valley, Floret Flowers is a thriving organic flower farm, design studio and school committed to supporting and cultivating a global network of farmer-florists to supply the growing demand for local, sustainable and seasonal flowers. As both a flower farm and floral design studio, Floret arrange flowers for a select number of weddings and special events each year. They also host on-farm workshops for flower farmers and floral designers from across the globe who come to learn more about small-scale, high-intensity flower production and the art of natural floral design. In 2014, they launched a new line of garden-related products including a small selection of seeds.

Foods Alive
Foods Alive: Foods alive is a family owned and operated company located in Indiana specialing in value-added products, like crackers and oils, made from certified organic seed. They believe that the best tasting seed comes from nutrient dense soil that is alive and rich with vitamens and minerals.

Fruition Seeds
Fruition Seeds: Fruition Seeds is a new seed company focused on providing certified organic seed for growers in the Northeast. They strive to stock regionally adapted seed, producing some of their own seed in New York and sourcing the rest from farmers in the region. Their seed inventory includes vegetables, flowers, culinary and medicinal herbs, grains and cover crops- all of which are open-pollinated.

Galusha Hill Farm
Galusha Hill Farm: Located in Vermont, Galusha Hill Farm produces organic garden seed, vegetables, grass-fed lamb, and heritage pork.

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Good Dirt Garlic: Located in Northern Maine, Good Dirt Garlic specializes in organic garlic production including German Extra Hardy, New York Extra Hardy, and German White.

Gourmet Seed
Gourmet Seed International, LLC: A small family-owned seed company located in New Mexico, Gourmet Seed International focuses on providing a diverse array of high-quality seed, as well as tools and supplies. They strive to offer the best: heirloom seed varieties, imported gourmet seed, and the peace of mind earned through their certified organic offerings. They recognize that growers are looking for better tasting produce, and emphasize the culinary and sensory qualities in their wide selection of vegetable, herb, flower, microgreen, and sprouting seed.

Greater Richmond Grains: Greater Richmond Grains grows certified organic small grains on a family farm in Powhatan, Virginia.

OSGATA member
Hatchet Cove Farm: Located in Warren, Maine, Hatchet Cove Farm is a MOFGA-certified organic family farm committed to connecting the surrounding community with their healthy, fresh vegetables through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, apprentice and volunteer programs, and at local Co-ops. By running a small-scale organic farm, Hatchet Cove is creating an alternative to the corporate food culture that dominates how we eat in this country. As organic farmers, they believe that the health of both our environment and community are integral to the sustainability of their farm.

Johnny's Selected Seeds
Johnny’s Selected Seeds: Located in Winslow, ME, Johnny’s is a employee-owned company with a mission: to help families, friends, and communities to feed one another by providing superior seeds, tools, information, and service. They stock a growing selection of certified organic seed, including the rewards of their intensive breeding programs. Working at their research farm in Maine, and with collaborators around the world, Johnny’s has long history of producing varieties that have won awards for flavor, disease- resistance, and yield.

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Kawanui Farm: Nancy Redfeather and her husband Gerry Herbert created an experimental and educational mini-farm at Kawanui, Honalo. Since 2002 they have offered community classes in home vegetable, coffee and orchard production using sustainable and ecological practices.

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Kingbird Farm: Karma and Michael Glos produce a diverse array of certified organic meats, produce and value-added items in Berkshire, NY. Their products are available via preorder, at the Ithaca Farmers’ Market and at their self-service farm stand.

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Lake Valley Seed: Lake Valley Seed was born in a garage in 1985, where two inspired gardeners carefully filled seed packets one teaspoon at a time and delivered them to garden centers and hardware stores for sale in their Boulder, Colorado community. Today, Lake Valley Seed is a national, full line garden seed company that continues to support local, independent retail stores in empowering gardeners within their communities.

Long Life Farm
Long Life Farm: Long Life Farm, based in Hopkinton, MA, strives to grow nutrient dense food that bursts with flavor by utilizing organic and mineral balanced farming techniques. Their name symbolizes a longer healthier life for the land, the farmer, their family and the community. They offer their certified organic produce through a CSA and local farmers’ markets.

Family Farmers Seed Cooperative
Lupine Knoll Farm: A member of the nationally-oriented Family Farmers Seed Cooperative, Lupine Knoll Farm is based in Oregon and specializes in breeding new and improving existing organic vegetable varieties. The focus of their breeding program is open-pollinated sweet corn at present. Past introductions include ‘Solstice’ broccoli and ‘Emerald Fan’ lettuce. Lupine Knoll also grows tomato, lettuce, pumpkins, and squash for seed. .

Many Hands Organic Farm: Established in 1982, this small certified organic family farm located in Barre, MA, which maintains a variety of CSA share options including vegetable shares for spring, summer, and late fall, as well as a flower share, fruit share, and a juicing share. MHOF also sells at various local markets including Living Earth in Worcester, the Barre Farmers Market, and the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA. Farmers Jack Kittredge and Julie Rawson also work with NOFA-MASS.

New Natives
New Natives: New Natives farm is nestled in a valley on the central coast of California. Over the last 20 years they have grown thousands of pounds of sprouts, using good organic seed, natural sunlight, clean water, and nothing more.

Nick's OG Farm
Nick’s Organic Farm: Started in 1979 on smaller acreage producing vegetables and seed, Nick’s Organic Farm now encompasses a 165-acre certified organic farm near scenic Buckeystown, Maryland, in the fertile Frederick Valley. They raise all grassfed organic cattle and pastured poultry, and grow grains and seed stock. On their farm, they clean their own seed, process their own chickens and turkeys, and grind and sell poultry feed. Seed crops include: barley, soybeans, corn, rye, and hairy vetch.

Oikos Tree Crops
Oikos Tree Crops: Oikos Tree Crops, located in Kalamazoo, MI, was founded in 1985 Ken Asmus. Then he established an arboretum filled with numerous wild selections of plants from all over the world and has since bred new types of hybrid American chestnuts, oaks for timber and acorn production, northern pecans, American persimmons, beach plums, groundnuts, hazelnuts, apricots and pawpaws. Oikos Tree Crops offers an array of native and edible fruiting plants, tree crops, shrubs, perennial vegetables, and more.
Peaceful Valley logo
Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply: Located in California, Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply has been a source that offers “everything you need to grow organic” for more than 34 years. The company offer wholesale pricing for resellers of its products and special pricing programs for (1) Farmers, (2) School Gardens and (3) Landscaping Businesses.
Prairie Road Organic Seed: Located in North Dakota, Prairie Road has been certified organic since 1977. They select and breed vegetable varieties that perform well on their own farm and are adapted to their northern growing region.

OSGATA member
Prairie Seeds: Prairie seeds, located near Sykeston, ND, is a member of the Family Farmers Seed Cooperative. Steve Zwinger stewards a total of 320 acres, including 12 tillable acres for seed, vegetables and soil building cover crops. He considers many factors in choosing his crop and seed lineup, including adaptation for his climate, familiarity growing a species and variety, uniqueness, supply limitations and function in crop rotations.

Restoration Seeds
Restoration Seeds: Restoration Seeds, located in Ashland, OR. Powered by service. They offer 1,000 savable non-hybrid and 600 organic varieties; available in packet to bulk quantities. 100% family farmer owned. Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) plant breeder.

Riverbend Farm: Located in Minnesota, Riverbend Farm is an organic vegetable farm that provides produce to a CSA, restaurants, food co-ops, and schools. They also produce locally adapted vegetable seed.

Sand Hill Preservation Center
Sand Hill Preservation Center: Sand Hill Preservation Center is a family-owned and -operated center working to preserve agricultural diversity in Calamus, Iowa. Their offerings include heirloom open-pollinated seeds- which are mostly raised on-site and supplemented by other small-scale growers. Sand Hill also provides sweet potato slips and day-old straight-run heritage-breed chicks.

Select Seeds
Select Seeds:

Saving heirloom flowers since 1987!
Woman owned. Farm based. Hands On.
Select Seeds offers gardeners and growers an extensive selection of high quality flower seeds and plants.
Our mission calls for new respect for our common resources of seed, soil, water, wildlife and community,-by saving rare heirloom flowers, by producing organically certified flower seeds and naturally grown plants, by enhancing habitat for pollinators with open-pollinated and native flowers, and by committing to sharing our seed bounty with groups that teach the importance and joy of gardening.
Our Hartwood Farm grows certified organic flower seeds for cut flower purveyors and others committed to organic soil based growing.

OSGATA member
Seven Tree Farm: Seven Tree Farm owner Roberta Bailey grows MOFGA-certfied-organic seed crops for seed companies, including Fedco Seeds – where she also works as a seed purchaser. Bailey particularly likes hot peppers and always has at least one breeding project going at her Vassalboro, Maine farm.

Songbird Farm
Songbird Farm: Located in Starks, Maine, Songbird Farm specializes in certified organic and heirloom crops including: corn, dry beans, wheat, buckwheat, emmer, and mixed vegetables. Farmers Johanna Davis and Adam Nordell sell certified organic produce as well as dry good products, like cornmeal, in addition to the seed they grow on contract.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (SESE) : SESE specializes in heirloom and open-pollinated varieties and offers more than 700 varieties of vegetable, flower, herb, grain and cover crop seeds. Located in Virginia, they emphasize varieties that perform well in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, although gardeners and farmers from all over the country grow their seeds.

Sow True Seed
Sow True Seed: Sow True Seed, located in Ashville, NC, offers open-pollinated seed, including vegetables, herbs, flowers, and cover crops, as well as bulbs and tubers. They grow and source a broad selection of varieties that have survived the test of time based on their dependability, usefulness and distinctive characteristics. Their seed supply comes from a network of skilled regional growers and independently-owned North American seed producers.

Stephens Land and Cattle
Stephens Land and Cattle: Bryce Stephens carries on his family’s tradition on 1,000 acres in Northwest Kansas where he primarily raises wheat−a landrace variety called “Turkey Red” introduced to the Plains by Mennonites− and livestock. Stephens serves as Vice President on OSGATA’s board of directors.

Terra Organics: Terra Organics is the sister company to Seeds by Design, is located in Willows and Maxwell, CA. It  is one of the largest US based oraganic vegetable and herb seed companies and the first to offer a complete line of organic seed. This diverse listing of the highest quality seed includes heirloom vegetables, specialty salad greens, flowers, and much more.

OSGATA member
Towani Organic Farm: Located in Bangor, CA, Towani Organic Farm is operated by Sharon Casey and Guy Baldwin. There, along with saving seeds for the CCOF certified vegetables and vegetable starts they sell at Chico, Davis, and Lake Tahoe area farmers’ markets, they also produce flowers and olive oil.

Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seed
Turtle Tree Seed: Turtle Tree is a non-profit biodynamic seed initiative that sells 100% open-pollinated vegetable, herb and flower seeds. The seed is grown using biodynamic and organic practices- in Turtle Tree’s own seed garden at Camphill Village in Copake, NY, and by other farmers and gardeners who use biodynamic methods. All thier seed is non-gmo, non-hybrid, never treated, and grown without the use of chemical inputs. Camphill Village is an intentional community, which includes people with developmental disabilites, and everyone helps in growing, cleaning and packing their seeds.

Two Toad Farm
Two Toad Farm: Two Toad Farm produces over 200 varieties of certified organic vegetables, flowers, and medicinal herbs for a CSA, 3 weekly farmers’ markets, and on contract, in Lebanon, ME. In 2013 they are also offering a Seedling CSA to help teach the surrounding community how to grow their own food. Gardening tips come along with certfied organic seedlings.

OSGATA member
Wild Garden Seed: Located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Wild Garden Seed produces organic, open pollinated, untreated, germ and vigor tested, well-cleaned seed. Their variety selection has proven popular and profitable in farmer’s markets locally and for restaurants on both coasts−with many cultivars originating in their on-farm breeding program for organic conditions and improved fresh market quality.

Wood Prairie Family Farm
Wood Prairie Family Farm and Organic Seed: Caleb Gerritsen and his family have owned and operated their organic family farm in northern Maine for over 40 years. Wood Prairie Family Farm focuses on growing organic early generation Maine Certified Seed Potatoes, seed crops, seed grain and vegetables. Organic seed crops are sold direct-nationwide through their web business and catalog, as well as wholesale to organic seed companies.

Vermont Valley Community Farm
Vermont Valley Community Farm: Vermont Valley Community Farm, founded in 1994, is a multi-faceted family farm in Wisconsin. Vermont Valley focused on feeding their greater community certified organic vegetables through the Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, model. They also produce certified organic seed potatoes. Vermont Valley’s seed potatoes are selected for production in organic systems, and backed with a decade of growing experience. Their dozen or so varieties span the spud-spectrum, from Adirondack Red to Yukon Gold.

OSGATA member
Village Farm: Located in Ashland, OR, Village Farm is a 25 member co-operative, begun in the early spring of 2008. They produce certified organic seed.

Organizations + Companies Who Support Organic Seed

Baystate Organic Certifiers
Baystate Organic Certifiers: Baystate Organic Certifiers is a USDA National Organic Program accredited certifying agent that certifies farm and processing operations in the continental United States.

Beyond Pesticides
Beyond Pesticides: Beyond Pesticides works with allies in protecting public health and the environment to lead the transition to a world free of toxic pesticides.

Cuatro Puertas: A community development corporation, Cuatro Puertas, was founded in 2002 through grassroots efforts. Its mission is to connect New Mexico’s urban economies with rural agricultural economies.The organization is also guardian to the largest collection of native and drought-tolerant seeds in New Mexico.

Food Democracy Now
Food Democracy Now!: A grassroots community dedicated to building a sustainable food system that protects our natural environment, sustains farmers and nourishes families, Food Democracy Now! organizes through online campaigns and in-person actions across the country.

Global Organic Alliance
Global Organic Alliance: GOA was established in 1997 and maintains ISO 65 and USDA accreditation and verifies compliance to EEC 2092/91 Regulation. GOA is also authorized to issue TM-11 Export Certificates to Japan.

OCIA International
Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) International: OCIA International is one of the world’s oldest, largest, and most trusted leaders in the organic certification industry. A nonprofit, member-owned, agricultural organization, OCIA is dedicated to providing the highest quality organic certification services and access to global organic markets.

Organic Seed Alliance
Organic Seed Alliance (OSA): OSA advances the ethical development and stewardship of the genetic resources of agricultural seeds via collaborative education, advisory services, and research programs with organic farmers and other seed professionals.

Seed Savers Kansas City (KC): Seed Savers KC is dedicated to promoting and propagating heirloom seeds. The group works to provide communication and informational assets to and from cooperative growers within their region.

Student Organic Seed Symposium
Student Organic Seed Symposium: Formed in 2012 by a group of graduate students working in plant breeding for organic agriculture systems, the Student Organic Seed Symposium annually convenes students with public and private breeders, organic seed advocates, and representatives from the organic seed industry.


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