OSGATA is a member-powered organization. In joining, you will support our organic seed work and our mission to develop, protect, and promote organic seed. There are different levels of membership designed for individuals, as well as organizations and businesses. These categories are further defined by voting rights.
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Membership Options

1. Individual Member

    • Organic Seed Farmer Voting Member- Individuals who raise certified organic seed for own use, as well as sale (75% or more of their total seed sales must come from their own production).
    • Organic Farmer Voting Member- Individuals who raise certified organic crops or livestock.
    • Organic Seed Professional Voting Member- Individuals who work with organic seed breeding in the public or private sector (including breeding, cleaning, research, curating, and/or publishing).

Fill out the Individual Voting Member application. (Remember, organic businesses will need to provide their organic certification information). Then pay membership dues annually.

2. Friends of OSGATA

Friends of OSGATA is a Non-voting member category for individuals supporting OSGATA’s mission and organic seed work. Members falling into the Friends category include:

      • Non-certified organic farmers
      • Gardeners
      • Seedsavers
      • Consumers
      • Activists

Become a Friend of OSGATA online by filling out the Friend of OSGATA application. Then, choose how much you would like to contribute to OSGATA, and how often. You can make a one-time, annual payment, in which case the recommended amount is $30.

3. Organization Membership

      • Affiliate Organization Voting Member- Organizations who support the mission of OSGATA.
      • Organic Seed Business Voting Member- Seller or handler of certified organic seed.*
      • Organic Business Voting Member- Seller and/or manufacturer of certified organic products (non-seed). *
      • Non-Organic Seed Company Non-Voting Member- Seller or handler of seed not labeled as organic seed.*
      • Business Non-Voting Member- Businesses which support the mission of OSGATA.*

Fill out the Organization Member application. (Organic Seed Businesses will need to provide their organic certification information). Then, pay membership dues annually.

* Category of membership is further delineated into 3 dues brackets by total annual sales.


“Seeds are the memory of life,” says OSGATA Treasurer Isaura Andaluz.

We must work together to maintain a healthy, vibrant organic seed industry in order to offer growers and consumers a choice!

Download a Membership Application! Yes, we still accept memberships the old-fashioned way. Simply download and complete the paper application, selecting the membership category that best suits you.

All membership dues can be paid via mail. Make checks out to:

P.O. Box 362
Washington, Maine 04574

Online payment through Square coming soon.

OSGATA Voting Member Benefits:

      • Cross promotion of member products and services.
      • Access to a members-only listserv for networking.
      • Involvement in the ethical development of diverse organic seed systems.
      • “Seed for Thought” newsletter and political action updates on state and federal level.
      • Inclusion in building a policy platform for promoting, protecting and developing the organic seed trade’s interests.
      • Opportunities to participate first-hand in our efforts via our Committees.

Friends of OSGATA receive:

      • OSGATA’s “Seed for Thought” newsletter.
      • Political action updates on state and federal level.
      • Invitations to join OSGATA’s Committees.


P.O. Box 362
Washington, ME 04574
Phone: 207. 809. 7530


OSGATA needs your support! Please help us in our work of protecting and developing the organic seed trade! Click here to find out more:

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Membership Benefits

-Cross promotion of member products and services

-Political action updates and lobbying services, on state and federal level

-Access to members only listserv for networking and sharing seed industry information

-OSGATA's regular Seed for Thought newsletter

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