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Affiliate Organization Voting Member....$200* dues
--Non-Profit Organization supporting OSGATA's mission and organic seed work.
*May be reduced for limited resource groups. Please contact OSGATA for details.
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--Seller and or handler of certified organic seed.
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--Certified organic Seller and/or manufacturer of organic products (non-seed).
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--Seller and/or handler of seed not labeled organic.
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--Businesses which support the mission of OSGATA.
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To complete OSGATA’s online membership form, please be prepared to:

  • Select a dues category and level.
  • Include your Organic Certification Information (if you are an organic farmer or seed grower applying as a voting member).
  • Read OSGATA’s Code of Ethics.
  • Decide whether you want to participate in any of OSGATA’s membership
    forums/ opportunities.
You can always become a member the old fashioned way by downloading our membership form and mailing it along with a check to:

PO Box 362
Washington, Maine 04574


P.O. Box 362
Washington, ME 04574
Phone: 207. 809. 7530


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-Cross promotion of member products and services

-Political action updates and lobbying services, on state and federal level

-Access to members only listserv for networking and sharing seed industry information

-OSGATA's regular Seed for Thought newsletter

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