Organic Issues: In the News


Around the country, organic farmers are pushing for ‘GE-free’ zones.” The Washington Post. 1/4/16.

Costilla County, CO Introduces GMO-Free Zone to Protect Traditional Farmers.” Center for Food Safety. 11/12/15.

GM Crops Now Banned in 38 Countries Worldwide.” Sustainable Pulse.  10/22/15.

“Continuing Demise of GMOs.” Institute of Science in Society. 10/14/15.

These Emails Show Monsanto Leaning on Professors to Fight the GMO PR War.” Mother Jones. 10/2/15.

What’s in a seed? The critical role of seed politics in the food sovereignty movement.” Sustainable Food Trust. 10/2/15.

Harvard professor failed to disclose connection.” Boston Globe. 10/1/15.

U.S. workers sue Monsanto claiming herbicide caused cancer.” Reuters. 9/30/15.

Growing Doubt: a Scientist’s Experience of GMOs.” Independent Science News. 8/31/15.

What Eating Organic Food Does for the World.” Huff Post Green. 8/28/15.

GM-crop opponents expand probe into ties between scientists and industry.” Nature. 8/6/15.

GMO Labeling Laws Ditched: The Passage of the DARK Act Shows the Arrogance of US Politicians.” Global Research. 7/26/15.

5 Things To Know About the ‘DARK Act.'” Civil Eats. 7/20/15.

Federal bill will hurt family farmers and consumers.” The Hill. 7/17/15.

Another ‘Too Big to Fail’ System in G.M.O.s” The New York Times. 7/13/15.

Do Organic Farmers Need Special Seeds And Money To Breed Them? ” MPBN News. 7/2/15.

WHO Unit Finds 2,4-D Herbicide ‘Possibly’ Causes Cancer in Humans.” Reuters. 6/22/15.

Organic Farmers Object to Whole Foods Rating System.” NY Times. 6/12/15.

OTA asks for organic checkoff.” Brownfield Ag News for America. 6/2/15.

Women and Biodiversity Feed the World, Not Corporations and GMOs.” Common Dreams. 5/20/15.

A Sharp Spike in Honeybee Deaths Deepens a Worrisome Trend.” NY Times. 5/13/2015.

Defending Organic Agriculture: Farmer, Advocate Jim Gerritsen Strives to Preserve Organic Integrity in the Face of Mounting Threats.” Acres USA. May 2015.

Lawsuit Challenges U.S.D.A. Rule Change on Organic Farming.” New York Times. 4/7/15.

Is Monsanto on the side of science?” New Internationalist. 4/15.

Study: Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide Probably Causes Cancer [UPDATED].” Mother Jones. 3/24/15.

Study Links Widely Used Pesticides to Antibiotic Resistance.” Civil Eats. 3/24/15.

Back to basics: Breeding plants for organic agriculture.” CSA News. 3/10/15.

The Power of Selection.” Communal Table. 3/10/15.

In the war over GMO labeling, Big Food loses the PR battle.” Aljazeera. 2/27/15.

Organic farming continues to rise across the globe.” Christian Science Monitor. 2/17/15.

More Farmers Predicted to Go Non-GMO and Organic in 2015.” Organic Connections.

Local Farmers File Intervention to Defend Jackson County Genetically Engineered Crop Ordinance.” Common Dreams. 12/31/14.

China’s Hard Line on GMO Burns U.S. Hay.” GM Watch. 12/15/14.

Organic Nearly As Productive as Industrial Farming, New Study Says.” Civil Eats. 12/10/15.

Why We Should Revive the Art of Saving Seeds.” The Guardian. 9/12/14.

Cultivating the Heirlooms of Tomorrow.” Cornell Small Farms Program.

Canadian Beekeepers File Class Action Lawsuit Against Makers of Neonicotinoids.” Beyond Pesticides Daily News Blog. 9/4/14.

U.S. Court Rules that Biotech Corporations Can’t Force Grain Elevator Companies to Accept GMOs.” Natural News. 8/31/14.

Organic vs. ‘Organic’: How Much Does Certification Matter?” Civil Eats. 8/18/14.

Organic Farmers Must Do These 11 Things Just to Prevent Being Contaminated (and Sued).” AltHealth Works. 8/12/14.

Fine Print of the Food Wars.” Asian Age. 7/16/14.

Why Monsanto Will Never Rule the Food World.” The Cornucopia Institute. 7/10/14.

Monsanto and Pioneer Continue to Pull-out GM Crops from EU.” Sustainable Pulse.  7/1/14.

Risking Another Silent Spring.” The New York Times. 6/30/14.

Oregon hopes to be first state to map GMO fields.” Statesman Journal. 6/16/14.

Russia requesting int’l GMO watchdog agency be made, as US lags behind with food standards.” Voice of Russia. 6/9/14.

Organic Food Shows Lower Levels of Pesticides than Conventional.” The Cornucopia Institute. 6/5/14.

One Year After GE Wheat Contamination, USDA has Failed to Protect Farmers.” 5/29/14.

High Risks, Few Rewards for Mexico with Monsanto’s Maize.” Aljizeera. 5/27/14.

Information Not on the Label.” The New York Times. 5/26/14.

GMO Ban Passes in Jackson County, Ore.” The Columbian. 5/20/14.

GMO Producers Should be Punished as Terrorists, Russian MPs say.” RT. 5/15/14.

Linux for Lettuce.” VQR. 5/14/14.

Family Farmers Hold Keys to Agriculture in a Warming World.” National Geographic. 5/2/14.

A Journalist and a Scientist Break Ground in the GMO Debate.” The New Yorker. 4/25/14.

Plant Breeders Release First ‘Open Source Seeds’” NPR. 4/17/14.

Monsanto: The Enemy of Family Farmers.” HuffPost. 4/2/14.

China rejects more U.S. corn due to GMO as state sales approach.” Reuters. 3/25/14.

Take That, GMOs and Pesticides! Organic Industry to Explode to $211 Billion by 2020.” One Green Planet. 3/20/14.

CR Lawn and Fedco Seeds.” Portland Press Herald. 3/13/14.

Syngenta Halts Sales of New GMO Corn Seed in Canada.” Reuters. 3/11/14.

New ‘Girl’ is a Monsanto-free tomato.” SF Gate. 3/7/14.

State of the Seed.” Rodale Institute. 3/5/14.

Like Sustainable Food? Support Public Plant Breeding.” Civil Eats. 3/5/14.

Survey: Organic Farmers Pay the Price for GMO Contamination.” Food & Water Watch. 3/3/14.

A Farmer Struggles to Remain GMO Free.” Stranger in a Strange Land.” 3/1/14.

The Seed Series: Choosing the Right Seed Crop.” Chelsea Green. 2/27/14.

Biopiracy of Turkey’s Purple Carrot.” Seed Freedom. 2/20/14.

Organic Growers Discuss GMO Tolerance Levels.” Capital Press. 2/4/14.

Who Owns Organic” The Cornucopia Institute. 2/14.

The Elders of Organic Farming.” New York Times. 1/24/14.

Supreme Court Denies Family Farmers the Right to Self-Defense From Monsanto Lawsuits.” EcoNews. 1/13/14.

USDA Report Opens Door to Seeds Modified to Resist Herbicide Used as Agent Orange Ingredient.” The Cornucopia Institute. 1/3/14.

Maine Voices: Farmers support honesty, right to know regarding GMO food.” Portland Press Herald. 1/1/14.

“‘Stop GMOs’: Russian scientists urge 10-year ban on genetically modified products.” RT. 12/16/13.

Saving Seed.” The Cornucopia Institute. 12/13/13.

Preventing GMO Contamination in Your Open-Pollinated Corn.” Seed Savers Exchange. 12/9/13.

GM rice found at Hubei market.” Ecns. 12/6/13.

GMO vs Non-GMO: A Tale of Two Stocks.” Organic Connections. 11/13.

China Rejects U.S. Corn Cargo for Unapproved GMO Corn Variety.” Food Democracy Now! 11/18/13.

Chemical Agriculture on the Attack, Again.” HuffPost. 11/14/13.

Study Finds Argentina’s Soy Boom Model Socially and Ecologically Unsustainable.” Biosafety Information Centre. 11/12/13.

Can the Scientific Reputation of Pamela Ronald, Public Face of GMOs, Be Salvaged?” Independent Science News. 11/12/13.

How Roundup Weedkiller Can Promote Cancer, New Study Reveals.” GreenMedInfo. 11/11/13.

Growth Patterns in the U.S. Organic Industry.” The Cornucopia Institute. 11/5/13.

Seeds on seeds on seeds: Why more biodiversity means more food security.” Grist. 11/2/13.

PRO on I-522: Academic and activist says it’s about right to know, corporate control.” The Seattle Times. 10/28/13.

Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association v. Monsanto Co.” Association of Corporate Counsel. 10/27/13.

Global Scientists Issue Stunning GMO Safety Warning – Breaking News.” Sustainable Pulse. 10/21/13.

Yes, Organic Can Cost More. Here Are 10 Reasons Why It’s Worth It.” Huff Post. 10/21/13.

Seeds for Life: Scaling up agrobiodiversity – New Report.” The Gaia Foundation. 10/13.

5 Ways Monsanto Wants to Profit Off Climate Change.” Mother Jones. 10/13.

Mexico Judge Rules that GMOs are Imminent Threat – Bans Monsanto’s GMO Corn.” Food Democracy Now! 10/11/13.

Farmer wants to protect growers from GMO seeds.” Bloomberg Business Week. 10/8/13.

Putting the Cartel before the Horse…and Farm, Seeds, Soil and Peasants etc: Who Will Control the Agricultural Inputs?” Etc. Group. 9/13.

Breeding Seeds Worth Saving.” Portly Monthly. 9/13.

USDA will not take action in case of GMO alfalfa contamination.” Reuters. 9/17/13.

Seed Industry Consolidation is Still ‘Out of Hand.'” Organic Seed Alliance. 9/17/13.

How Government Regulators Predicted, And Then Ignored, The Latest GMO Contamination Scandal.” ThinkProgress. 9/16/13.

Why perfect-looking produce can be less than ideal.” The Washington Post. 9/13.

GE seed monopoly: Fewer choices, higher prices.” Natural Markets. 9/13.

Exclusive: Washington state testing alfalfa for GMO contamination.” Reuters. 9/11/13.

Consumers Are Smart Enough To Handle GMO Labeling.” Greener Ideals. 9/9/13.

US Farmers Continue David Vs. Goliath Battle Against Monsanto.” San Diego Free Press. 9/8/13.

Maine farmers appeal Monsanto case to Supreme Court.” Portland Press Herald. 9/6/13.

Breaking News: OSGATA v. Monsanto Case Filed With Supreme Court.” Food Integrity Now. 9/5/13.

Breeders, seed savers advance organics movement.” Cornell Chronicle. 9/4/13.

Seed freedom is the answer to hunger and malnutrition.” The Guardian. 8/28/13.

Just Because Science Can Genetically Engineer Foods, Doesn’t Mean We Should.” Forbes. 8/26/13.

Reviving An Heirloom Corn That Packs More Flavor And Nutrition.” NPR. 8/22/13.

Save Your Seeds.” Mother Earth News. 8/21/13.

U.S. farm, food groups want better oversight of GMO field trials.” Reuters. 8/21/13.

Tomato Smash-Up: How to Save Tomato Seeds.” Seeder’s Digest. 8/19.13

Victory for Willamette Valley Farmers and Public as Oregon Governor Signs Moratorium on Canola Production.” Center for Food Safety. 8/15/13.

The Monsanto Menace.” The Village Voice. 7/24/13.

Pooping Canada geese may have spread GM wheat seeds.” Ottawa Citizen. 7/23/13.

Our Coming Food Crisis.” The New York Times. 7/21/13.

Why You Should Save Seeds.” Mother Earth News. 7/8/13.

GMO Crops Mean More Herbicide, Not Less.” Forbes. 7/2/13.

Bill to ban canola moves forward.” Gazette Times. 6/26/13.

Unauthorized genetically-modified flax found to have been exported to more than 30 countries around the world.” Natural News. 6/24/13.

US Department of Agriculture probes Oregon Monsanto GM wheat mystery.” The Guardian. 6/22/13.

Former GMO Engineer Drops Biotech and Goes Organic.” Organic Connections. 6/13.

Weed Killer Glyphosate Found in Human Urine Across Europe.” Digital Journal. 6/18/13.

Discovery of genetically modified wheat in Oregon highlights regulatory failures.” Oregon Live. 6/15/13.

Five pest species now immune to GMO corn and cotton.” Grist. 6/13/13.

Organic growers lose decision in suit versus Monsanto over seeds.” Reuters. 6/10/13.

Region’s farmers not confident in GMO safeguards.” Billings Gazette. 6/9/13.

Wheat concerns spread to Willamette Valley canola battle.” Portland Business Journal. 6/5/13.

Amid uproar over escaped GMO wheat, Monsanto tests more strains.” Chicago Tribune. 6/4/13.

Kansas Wheat Farmer Sues Monsanto for Gross Negligence…” Herald Online. 6/3/13.

Monsanto gives up fight for GM plants in Europe.” DW. 5/31/13.

Japan suspends wheat imports from Pacific Northwest after modified wheat discovered in Oregon.” The Washington Post. 5/13.

Monsanto’s growing monopoly: What the Supreme Court got wrong.” Salon. 5/30/13.

Seeking Food Ingredients That Aren’t Gene-Altered.” The New York Times. 5/26/13.

Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food.” The New York Times Sunday Review. 5/25/13.

How Agriculture Can Provide Food Security Without Destroying Biodiversity.” Independent Science News. 5/23/13.

What’s the matter with Industrial Seeds?” Food First. 5/23/13.

The Goodman Affair: Monsanto Targets the Heart of Science.” Independent Science News. 5/20/13.

Ask Your Senators to Support Public Seed in the Farm Bill.” Seed Broadcast. 5/16/13.

Monsanto’s lawsuit win poses issues for Mainers.” Portland Press Herald. 5/14/13.

Farmers React to Monsanto Seed Ruling.” Modern Farmer. 5/13/13.

Supreme Court Supports Monsanto in Seed-Replication Case.” The New York Times. 5/13/13.

EU retailers pledge support for Brazilian non-GMO soy.” All About Feed. 5/8/13.

European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with government.” Natural News. 5/6/13.

Farmer Seed Stewardship: Nancy Redfeather & Gerry Herbert.” Seed Broadcast. 5/3/13.

Study Links Insecticide Use to Invertebrate Die-offs.” The Guardian. 5/3/13.

The Curse of Fertilizer.” National Geographic. 5/13.

GMO multi-toxin crops continue to backfire as more insects become resistant to crop chemicals.” Natural News. 4/29/13.

The ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Goes Local: Law Would Block Counties From Banning GMOs.” Take Part. 4/24/13.

Study reveals GMO corn to be highly toxic.” RT. 4/17/13.

The Struggle to Reclaim Paradise.” Climate Connections. 4/15/13.

Garden Planning for Seed Saving.” Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. 4/12/13.

Monsanto’s Next Target: Democracy.” Truthout. 4/10/13.

How to: Save Heirloom Tomato Seeds.” Cubit’s Organic Living.

Editorial: Blunt’s ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ undermines legislative process.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 4/10/13.

Street-smart seeds: How to grow a garden that feels at home in the city.” Grist. 4/4/13.

17 Essential Reasons to Eat Organic Food.” Care2 Make a Difference. 4/4/13.

Why the Most Powerful Thing in the World is a Seed.” Yes! Magazine. 4/3/13.

Tunis 2013: If we rely on corporate seed, we lose food sovereignty.” GRAIN. 4/2/13.

New Seed Legislation Spells Disaster For Small Farmers In Africa.” African Center for Biosafety. 4/2/13.

Monsanto: A Corporate Profile.” Food & Water Watch. 4/13.

Why Do G.M.O.’s Need Protection?” The New York Times. 4/2/13.

The State of Science.” Council for Responsible Genetics. 3/13.

Multi-Toxin Biotech Crops Not Silver Bullets, Scientists Warn.” Science Daily. 3/29/13.

Organic 101: Almost 25,000 Certified Operations at Your Fingertips.” USDA Blog. 3/28/13.

Monsanto Hitches a Ride on Must-Pass Budget Bill.” Food & Water Watch. 3/28/13.

Seeds of Suicide.” The Asian Age. 3/27/13.

Does food security’s future lie in organic seeds?” The Sacramento Bee. 3/26/13.

Agent G.M.O.” International Herald Tribune. 3/26/13.

Are Agriculture’s Most Popular Insecticides Killing Our Bees?” NPR. 3/25/13.

Genetic modification strains old food and drug laws.” Los Angeles Times. 3/23/13.

Canola debate heats up in Capitol.” Capitol Press. 3/20/13.

Agricultural research in scramble for funds.” Western Farm Press. 3/19/13.

Organic Farmers vs. Monsanto.” WHDT World News Interview with Jim Gerritsen. 3/13.

How Monsanto outfoxed the Obama administration.” Salon. 3/15/13.

Argentina’s Bad Seeds.” Aljizeera English. 3/14/13.

Herbicides for GMOs Driving Monarch Butterfly Populations to ‘Ominous’ Brink.” Common Dreams. 3/14/13.

Eye on Augusta: GMO Labeling Bill Returns to the Legislature.” The Free Press. 3/14/13.

Monsanto threatens to sue EFSA over publication of maize GM data.” Food Navigator. 3/13.

OSGATA et al. v. Monsanto: Farmer’s Fight for Justice.” Jim Gerritsen’s PIELC Key Note. 3/13.

A question of coexistence: Lewistown neighbors lay bare national GMO debate.” Great Falls Tribue. 3/8/13.

Major Grocer to Label Foods With Gene-Modified Content.” New York Times. 3/8/13.

In A Grain Of Golden Rice, A World Of Controversy Over GMO Foods.” NPR. 3/7/13.

Look Carefully at Those Seeds.” Op-Ed, New York Times. 3/2/13.

Fixing Food: Seed Solution Models for a New Agricultural Paradigm.” Acres USA. 3/13.

CHARTS: World’s GMO Crop Fields Could Cover the US 1.5 Times Over.” Mother Jones. 2/26/13.

Vandana Shiva: ‘Seeds must be in the hands of farmers.'” The Guardian. 2/25/13.

Monsanto, the court and the seeds of dissent.” Op-Ed, Los Angeles Times. 2/19/13.

Farmer’s Fight With Monsanto Reaches The Supreme Court.” NPR.  2/18/13.

Opposition crops up to GMO foods in Hawaii.” Aljazeera. 2/16/13.

Farmer’s Supreme Court Challenge Puts Monsanto Patents at Risk.” The New York Times. 2/15/13.

Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning in France.” Reuters. 2/13/13.

Monsanto sued small famers to protect seed patents, report says.” The Gaurdian. 2/12/13.

As Challenge over Seed Rights Approaches Supreme Court, New Report Exposes Devastating Impact of Monsanto Practices on U.S. Farmers.” CFS. 2/12/13.

Indiana soybean farmer sees Monsanto lawsuit reach US supreme court.” The Gaurdian. 2/9/13.

“Seeds of Discontent: A Texas Organic Cotton Farmer Takes on Monsanto.”  Observer. 2/7/13.

“Will a Federal Compromise on GMO Labeling Trump State Law, Forever?” Huffington Post. 2/6/13.

“In Standing Up for Big Ag, Are Universities Undercutting Their Own Researchers?”  The Cornucopia Institute. 2/5/13.

“Organic Begins with Seed.” The Washington Post. 1/13.

Videos from Hawaii Seed: Vandana Shiva and others talk GE. 1/13.

“Monsanto versus the People.” Aljazeera. 1/14/13.

“Video from the Frontlines: OSGATA et al. v. Monsanto.” Sow True Seed. 1/14/13.

“Farmers Demand an Appeal in Monsanto GMO Case.” RT. 1/11/13.

“Farmers Rally at White House to Protest Monsanto’s GMO Empire.” Common Dreams. 1/11/13.

“Small farmers optimistic in battle with with biotech giant Monsanto.” Penobscot Bay Pilot. 1/11/13.

“Maine farmer heads group challenging genetics giant.” Maine Sunday Telegram. 1/9/13.

“Maine Farmers Appeal Monsanto Ruling.” MPBN interview. 1/13.

“Farmers hope to ban genetically modified crops.” San Francisco Chronicle. 1/2/13.

“Victory in Michigan! Shady Grove Farm Protected by Right to Farm Act.” Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. 12/19/12.

“Roundup Herbicide Linked To Overgrowth of Deadly Bacteria.” 12/15/12.

“Liability for Genetically Modified Food: Are GMOs a Tort Waiting to Happen?” American Bar Association. 2012.

“Food Safety Group Calls for Court to Limit GMO Seed Patents.” Reuters UK. 12/10/12

“Independent Science in Jeopardy.” Vandana Shiva. 12/5/12.

“DOJ Mysteriously Quits Monsanto Antitrust Investigation.” Mother Jones. 12/1/12.

“Are you a farmer worried about GMO contamination? USDA says get ‘insurance'” Grist. 11/30/2012.

“Monsanto on Verge of $40 Million GMO Bailout in Europe: Report.” The Cornucopia Institute. 11/28/12

“Seeds of Discontent.” DownEast Magazine. 11/12.

“The Truth About GMOs- A Potato Farmer Knows.” Jim Gerritsen. NYC. 10/22/12

“Organic Farming Head on Landmark Lawsuit, GMO testing and the Lies Only Monsanto Could Get Away With.” AltHealth Works. 10/21/12.

“Fight Over Expanding Canola in Oregon Pits Organic Food Lovers Against Biofuels Advocates.” Washington Post and AP. 9/28/12.

“CRIIGEN Study Links GM Maize and Roundup to Premature Death and Cancer.” Sustainable Pulse.” 9/19/12.


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