As A Farmer-Driven Organization OSGATA relies on your support! Help organic farmers, seed companies, seed breeders, researchers, and advocates of organic seed and organic integrity to protect our critical seed resources and organic community.

We are a trade organization and do not sell seed. For companies that sell organic seed check HERE.


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  • Coordinating activities enhances organic integrity and protects the organic community by actions such OSGATA et al. v. Monsanto.

  • Promoting the right to farm organically, and protection from GE contamination.

  • Publishing and distribution of Protecting Organic Seed Integrity: The Organic Farmer’s Handbook to GE Avoidance and Testing.

  • Defending farmers’ right to save and trade seed.

  • Ensuring the right to real choice in the marketplace for farmers and consumers.

  • Promoting protocols for maintaining organic seed integrity and assuring seed quality.

  • Encouraging the viability of family farmers and regional organic seed companies.

  • Protecting farmer-developed varieties.

  • Developing and supporting organic seed standards.

  • Encouraging National Organic Program progress toward 100% organic seed.

  • Helping send farmers to represent the interests of family scale agriculture at National Organic Standards Board meetings, legislative actions, conferences, and more.

  • Advocating for establishment of “no detect GE content” in organic seed and for demanding biotech responsibility and accountability