OSGATA’s Members range from organic farmers to major organic seed companies to the gardeners and citizens who believe a vibrant, independent organic seed industry is critical to the development of a permanent organic Community. Our membership options are designed to accommodate this broad community.


Please read the member benefits below and then select the annual membership group which best reflects your role as a member of the organic community.




  • Cross promotion of member products and services.

  • Access to a members-only listserve for networking and discussion.

  • Involvement and decision making in the ethical development of diverse organic seed systems.

  • “Seed for Thought” newsletter . Seed industry and political action updates on the state and federal level.

  • Participation in building a policy platform for promoting, protecting and developing the organic seed trade’s interests.

  • Opportunities to participate first-hand in OSGATA's efforts by serving on a Committee.



Friends Of OSGATA

Membership Benefits:

  • OSGATA’s “Seed for Thought” newsletter.

  • Political action updates on state and federal level.

  • Opportunity to serve on OSGATA Committees.





Produces Certified Organic Seed Crops.



Produces Certified Organic Crops.


Public or private seed professional. ( includes breeding, research, cleaning, curating). 








     Seller or handler of Certified Organic seed.

     $250/ $500/$1000



     Certified Organic seller and/or manufacturer of 

     organic products (non-seed). $300/$600/$1200   

      Non-Profit supporting OSGATA's mission

      and protection of the organic community. $200 min.




Individual supporting OSGATA's Mission and work (includes gardeners, seed savers, farmers, consumers, activists). $30 Minimum


Company supporting OSGATA's mission and work. $350/$650/$1250

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You can pay online by choosing the membership option above or;

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Make checks payable to OSGATA send to:

PO Box 81

Bridgewater ME 04735


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OSGATA is offering free memberships organic seed producers and seed professionals for a limited time during the 2020 Organic Seed Alliance Conference. Please sign up here to join.



A member-powered organization. 

We must work together to maintaina healthy, vibrant organic seed industry in order to offer growers and consumers a choice!

By joining OSGATA, you will support

our organic seed work and our mission to develop, protect, and promote organic seed.