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Our Code of Ethics
1. No Member shall knowingly deal in products that are falsely labeled organic or represented as such, nor engage in any advertising that is false or misleading.

2. Given the risk of contamination and/or commingling of germplasm from genetically engineered organisms with organic seed stock, along with the potential weakening of end user confidence in organic seed integrity from such contamination, no member shall knowingly grow, sell, distribute, or breed GE (Genetically Engineered) seeds or products.

3. All members shall cooperate in the development of the market for organic seed and compete with each other in an honest and friendly fashion.

4. All members shall cooperate in the development of an organic seed system which enhances life and health, is ecologically and economically sustainable, and gives a fair return and dignity to its producers, handlers and merchants.

5. A Member in his/ her personal conduct and in his/ her contacts with customers and the public should not behave in a manner which brings discredit to OSGATA or himself/ herself.

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