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GMO Labeling: A Public Policy Imperative

On June 28, 2016 /   GeneWatch, GMO Labeling, GMOs, Seed News /   Leave a comment

The latest issue of GeneWatch, published by the Council for Responsible Genetics, is dedicated to GMO labeling. Martin Levin, J.D., OSGATA Board member and environmental lawyer, discusses the flaws in the current regulation of genetically modified (GM) foods  in his piece “The Public Policy Imperative for GM Food Labeling.”

Levin writes:

“Profit-motivated businesses engaged in GE food production determine whether their newly engineered products are safe enough to be offered to consumers. Health problems will only be detected upon consumption, but, because the foods are unlabeled, consumers have no practical way of knowing they are eating the products. And we did not arrive at this place as a result of rigorous independent scientific study of the GE ingredients now in much of the food found on grocery store shelves, but as the result of a legal presumption.”

Martin calls for mandatory GMO labeling as a solution to the “hole in our food safety law.”

Read Full article here.

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