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Seedlight: Organic Seed Grower Ryan Batalden

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Meet Organic Seed Grower Ryan Batalden

Farm Name: Batalden Farms

Location: Lamberton, MN

Ryan says… “When I think of organic seed, I think of seed that is better adapted to organic systems and hard to find.

I am a full-time farmer, all certified organic, working on our family farm for 13 years with my wife and parents (who have been farming for 40+ years). I mainly grow organic field grains and have recently started growing seed. I enjoy growing specialty crops too like radish seed and chickling vetch. Last year I experimented with phacelia seed and it wasn’t successful. But I have learned a lot and would like to try it again. Also, I am exploring Field Penny Cress as a cover crop, which is a winter annual that can fill in tiny little gaps, similar to what cereal rye does. I also grow buckwheat for seed.

I buy organic seed whenever possible and its not always possible. I had that problem with seed corn; sometimes I can only plant a few bags because the variety I want isn’t available or the companies that have it will not cater to small small orders of organic non-gmo seed. For cover crop, there are certain seeds that I can’t find organically. I see the increase of organic farms here and I predict there will be a growing demand for organic seed in the future. Joining OSGATA is a way to show anyone looking at my website site that growing organic seed is something I take seriously and I care about its quality. It is also an affordable way to get name out there and try to reach seed companies with my high-quality seed crops. There is no better way to network and support organic seed growers than joining OSGATA.”

Check out more info about Ryan in the farming world: “Minnesota Farming Family Invited to White House” and Land Stewardship Project publication “A Return to the Community.”

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